My Real Name is: Adisa La Pierre. 
WORLD: i'm a proud Father
The Name "Adisa" means: "One Who Makes Meanings Clear" 

Adisa's career, which started in 1984, has already yielded an abundance of rewards for the is a Canadian born whose parents are of Trinidadian descent.

As a certified Audio Engineer & Multimedia Content Producer Adisa has been working professionally and directly with dynamic digital media content since 1994 producing 3D Motion Graphics, Visual Effects Animation, Websites, Audio/Video commercials for web based distribution.

In his spare time Adisa loves to design business solution oriented software and teach workshops on Website Administration and Multimedia Design.

Digital Animator, Web Developer,  Media Producer, Audio Engineer, Music Arranger, and Songwriter Adisa La Pierre is, in every way stands in a category amongst himself as a dynamic individual.

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